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Theater Arts Faculty and Staff

Central to the Program in Theater Arts is the ongoing questioning of not just what the theater is capable of today but what it will be capable of tomorrow. Our faculty is comprised of an array of nationally and internationally renowned artists who bring a diverse range of vision to the curriculum. Each engages the languages of the theater — image, body, technology, space, light, language, sound — in refreshingly different ways. It is the adventurer's thirst for the unknown coupled with an unparralled curiousity that unites the artistic pursuits faculty in the classroom, in the studio, and in performance.

Our students are the ultimate beneficiaries and are encouraged to become part of the debate as they encounter this diverse array of increasingly interdisciiplinary and forever socially wide-awake visions for the theater.

Section Head of Music and Theater Arts

Peter Child

child@mit.edu (617) 253-3210


Director, Theater Arts

Jay Scheib

Professor, MInor Advisor
jscheib@mit.edu (617) 253-3210 or 917-612-2137

Theater Arts Faculty and Instructors

Charlotte Brathwaite

Assistant Professor
cbrath@mit.edu, (617) 253-6961

Alan Brody

Professor, Major Advisor
brody@mit.edu, (617) 253-4892

Sara Brown

Director of Design
saralb@mit.edu, (617) 253-0862

Laura Harrington

lauraharrington123@gmail.com, (617) 452-3209

Bozkurt Karasu

Technical Director
bkarasu@mit.edu, (617) 253-0824

Anna Kohler

Senior Lecturer, Concentration Advisor
akohler@mit.edu , (617) 254-0469

Kim Mancuso

pilgrim@mit.edu, (617) 253-7755

Kent Barrett

KBB@MIT.edu, Technical Instructor

Janet Sonenberg

json@mit.edu, (617) 253-3210

Keely Eastley

keely@mit.edu, (617) 253-8150

Olivia D'Ambrosio

Adjunct Lecturer

Thomas Derrah

Adjunct Lecturer

Theater Arts Staff

Robin Carleton

Administrative Officer, Music and Theater Arts
carleton@mit.edu, (617) 253-4742


Academic Administrator, Music and Theater Arts
aaho@mit.edu, (617) 253-5623

Stephanie Muto

Administrator, Music and Theater Arts
smuto@mit.edu, (617) 253-3210


Kirsten Williamson

Theater Arts Administrator
theaterarts@mit.edu, kirstenw@mit.edu, (617) 253-2877