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Anna Kohler

Senior Lecturer, Concentration Advisor

(617) 324-0469

Anna Kohler laid the foundation for her work as a director and performer in Europe, where she studied acting and directing at the Conservatory for Art and Drama, the Mozarteum, in Salzburg, and later received her degree in Acting and Aesthetic Studies at the Université IIIV Vincennes, Paris, after studying mime with Etienne Decroux. Since joining the New York experimental theater scene in1983, she has worked on stage with playwrights and directors like Stuart Sherman, John Jesurun, Richard Foreman, Fiona Templeton, and Werner Herzog, working alongside actors like Steve Buscemi and Mark Boone Jr. (the trio's nightclub performances were legendary), Willem Dafoe and Ron Vawter of the Wooster Group, and as a solo performer - her solo performance D' Arc-ness was premiered at the Triple X festival in Amsterdam. Most recently, she has toured throughout Europe with the critically acclaimed play "Ode to the Man Who Kneels", written and by Richard Maxwel.

She appeared in movies by Jonathan Demme, Peter Sellars, and Hal Hartley. As a director, she has conceived and directed plays that were shown in Salzburg, Kiel (Germany), Saõ Paulo, and - of course - in New York.

As a teacher, she has taught workshops all over the world when she was on tour with the Wooster Group; she was a guest teacher at the conservatory Celia Helena in Saõ Paulo, Brazil, and at La Guardia Community College in New York. The unique combination that is provided by her experiences in modern theater both in Europe and the States have allowed her students to find new ways of performing a character, and being present on stage.